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  • “The ONE & ONLY Group you should trust!”

Luqman L.


  • “It’s a pleasure and honor for me to have this moment of my life to give to you and your great team a very big thanks for all of you for the wonderful job at our process to finally have our green card, please allow me one more time to give you thank you!!! God bless you and all of you for the dedication you add, for we have this happy end in our process!”

Luis P.


  • “Dealing with immigration law is a lot like skydiving; you better know what you are doing and you better succeed on the first time! Thank you, Gordon for all your help and for making miracles come true!”

Ori K.


  • “Having worked with some immigration attorneys in the past few years, working with Mr. Quan has been the best experience ever. His outstanding work ethics made it possible to solve matters, otherwise would still be unresolved. I only trust Mr. Quan’s professional work for immigration matters.”

Silvia K.


  • Attorney Quan, I just wanted to convey our sincerest thanks and gratitude for helping us throughout our long journey from getting H-1B to EAD and finally getting our Green Card. We troubled you so often with our multiple queries and concerns but you patiently guided us in the right direction and helped us get through this journey, which we will always be grateful for.”

Ali N.


  • “We had used two other immigration law firms before we met Mr. Quan. We were desperate and facing removal proceedings. Mr. Quan assured us that everything would be fine. He represented us in Immigration Court and won our case. My wife is now a U.S. citizen.”

Joseph S.


  • “Thank you to Mr. Slater for your professionalism, sound judgment, and knowledge of the law. You have earned more than our business, you earned our friendship.”

Larry C.

  • “Absolutely great service! Worked with pleasure with Mr. Slater. Highly professional, very calm and fully skillful and knowledgeable attorney in immigration law!”

Irina R.


  • “I married a US citizen in June 2014, Mr. Morales and his team sorted me out in 3 months. As well as being amazingly well priced, they go above and beyond with their services. I am using Mr. Morales to petition for my sister also. Go see him, you won’t regret it!”



  • Myron was more than a legal counsel to us, he really became our friend. Just an unbelievably nice guy who cares about each and every case that he is working, who is remarkably skilled and knowledgeable in his field.”

Matthew P.


  • “If there was ten-star rating, I would give Krissy ten stars.”

E. Lee, Human Resources


  • “Working with Myron was easy and with great results. He was able to find best solution for us, both in terms of speed and costs. Also, where other lawyers just guessed a strategy, Myron knew right away what will work and what not. Thank you!”

Vicent P.


  • Kristen’s professionalism, thoughtfulness and expertise at her field is what makes her stand out. I recommend her to everyone I encounter and in need of help with immigration.”

Maher M., Engineer


  • Jennifer, you’re in the dream business, the change-people’s-lives business. What you do and have helped us accomplish here is so great, so profound for our family. Thank you so much!”

Tim O.


  • “Is there anything more than Excellent? That’s Quan Law Group. Everything is superb.…We deeply love and admire you Quan Group, Atty. Gordon and Atty. Mizulski and the rest of the team.”

Michelle V.


  • Krissy was very detail oriented and meticulous in making sure we were fully educated during the entire process.  I absolutely recommend her services!!”

Indigo M., Aesthetician


  • Ms. Mizulski will never give up on your case. She will fight until the problem is solved. I made the best decision hiring her as my lawyer and I would highly recommend her to anyone else who has a difficult immigration case.”

Karen A.


  • “I can tell you that these guys know exactly what they are doing. Lauren Rouhana handled my case with professionalism and her expertise and knowledge is right on point. I would not hesitate to refer anyone seeking immigration to this law firm and already have sent a friend and my sister!”

Malik, S.


  • “I have nothing but tremendous respect for his work ethic and the passionate representation he provides to his clients. I also have a very high regard for his associates, particularly Ms. Rouhana. She is an attorney of great integrity who truly loves her work.”

C. Ortega


  • Kristen is highly professional, always very clear and concise, and goes through great lengths to provide the best service possible.”

Alex L., International Film Distributor


  • “Thank you to Ms. Rouhana and your team from the bottom of our hearts for taking us through the Permanent Resident process successfully. It is something we have wanted for a long time. We knew all along that our case was in capable hands.”

M. Bario


  • Krissy is very honest, friendly and professional.”

E. Lee, Human Resources


  • Ms. Quan Hammill was always prompt, and we felt that she gave us the best advice every time. Her knowledge and understanding of U.S. immigration laws is outstanding. She is very honest and kind in her approach.”
Esther S., Nurse


  • Matt, thank you so much for all of guidance, advice and assistance. It has been a long journey, 36 years, and we are grateful to have found you on the way!”

C. Y.

  • Mr. Slater, you have not only changed my life sir you have given me life. To me you are more valuable than a surgeon. You have brought me back from a deep spiral of mental anguish I never assumed possible. The years of rejecting and isolation had made me numb to pain and happiness. My hope had been exhausted… Like a POW that has been freed… I feel accepted, proud, grateful and honored to be a true American. Thank you, for knowing your shit. Thank you for giving me hope. Thank you for giving my Mother and Sister hope. I have dragged them through this hell with me and now because of you it’s over. You are literally my hero Mr. Slater. You have rescued me and you should know that, and you did it all in a suit. “

S. T.