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Two doctors facing removal are granted temporary stay with the help of QLG

Two Houston doctors facing removal by Immigration officials are granted temporary stay

“Two prominent Houston doctors facing removal by immigration officials to their native India have been granted a temporary, 90-day reprieve while they try to sort the paper-work that will allow them to continue living and working legally in the United States.”

“The married couple are both neurologists and faced removal Thursday after immigration officials refused at the last minute to extend their temporary permission to stay in the U.S., potentially jeopardizing the care of dozens of patients who have specialized surgeries scheduled with the two doctors in coming weeks.”

“Their lawyer, Gordan Quan, said the dilemma illustrates not only the black-and-white view the Trump administration has taken on immigration matters, but the harshness of the system, the complexity of which most Americans who urge legal immigration don’t understand.”

These are not tough decisions. These are not criminals, not a threat to society,” he said. “It’s just the rigidity of the system … and instead of trying to work with people, the new administration is just trying to force them out, no matter what.”


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Posted on 31 Mar
  • Deportation, Doctors, Immigration, Removal