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Gordon Quan Featured on KPRC’s Newsmakers – Immigration: Houston impact…

Newsmakers Feb. 19: Immigration: Houston impact, sanctuary cities bill

KPRC By Khambrel Marshall – Meteorologist, ‘Newsmakers’ Host

The Texas Senate passed the bill known as SB4 that will punish cities, law enforcement agencies and colleges that don’t cooperate with immigration officials. “That bill specifically says that you cannot target any groups,” Paul Simpson, chair of the Harris County Republican Party, said. “

According to Gordon Quan, Managing Partner of Quan Law Group, PLLC, and former Houston City Council member, “Our Police Department is short on manpower right now. I’m working with the Sheriff’s Office. They’re also short on manpower,” “So one of the things the bill also does is it penalizes the law enforcement officers themselves that can hold them in contempt and they can lose their jobs.”


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Posted on 20 Feb
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