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Citizenship And Naturalization

We represent individuals through the naturalization process to become U.S. citizens, as well as representation in connection with automatic and derivative citizenship claims. This includes complex citizenship cases where an individual may have a claim to citizenship which is several decades old. 


Lawful Permanent Residents who have maintained such status for the requisite amount of time may qualify to become U.S. Citizens through the Naturalization process. Certain Permanent Residents who are married to U.S. Citizens, living overseas based on a foreign assignment with an American-owned company may qualify for expedited naturalization. In addition, certain Permanent Residents are also able to qualify for an exemption of continuous residence and physical presence requirements for naturalization. 


Children born overseas to at least one U.S. Citizen parent and children holding Lawful Permanent Residence when at least one parent becomes a U.S. Citizen may automatically acquire or derive citizenship themselves as a matter of law.